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The final stage in setting up the Torrent Remote app is adding a connection to the app itself.


You must complete the following two stages before attempting this one:

Additionally, if you are wanting to add a connection over the Internet, you must also follow the steps here: Setting up for access over the Internet.


If you are running the Torrent Remote app on the same computer as the uTorrent desktop program, and wish to connect to it, please see Workaround for connecting on the same computer before following below. This page contains important information for this scenario where the Torrent Remote app is used to connect to the uTorrent desktop program running on the same computer. If you do not follow this page, the local connection will not work. Note that this configuration is not officially supported - heed the warning on the page.


Adding your connection

In order to successfully add your connection and start managing your torrents remotely, you will need the following information from the computer running the uTorrent desktop program:

  • IP address of that computer (referred to as "the IP address" from here on).
    This is the static IP that was configured during the steps on the page Setting up for access on a local network. If you are connecting on the same computer, you should use as the IP address. If you are connecting over the Internet, you will need your Dynamic DNS name (host) or external static IP address which were set up during the steps on the page Setting up for access over the Internet.

  • Port that uTorrent is configured to listen on (referred to as "the port number" from here on).
    This is the port that the uTorrent desktop program uses to connect to other peers on. You can find it out by doing the following in uTorrent:
    1. Click Options and then click Preferences.
    2. On the left select Connection.
    3. The value you want is in the box labeled Port used for incoming connections.

    You may have configured an alternative listening port on the page Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent. If you did, you will need to use this port instead.

  • User name and password (referred to collectively as "the credentials" from here on).
    This is the user name and password that you set during the steps on the page Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent.

Once you have all of the above information ready, its time to add the connection to the Torrent Remote app. The below steps outline how to accomplish this.

  1. Start by opening the Torrent Remote app on your device.
  2. On the main screen, tap or click the Add server tile. The add server flyout appears from the right (See Figure 1).
    1. In the first box, type a Friendly name of your choice - this is the name that will appear on the main screen for this new connection.
    2. In the next box, type the host or IP address.
    3. Finally, in the last box, type the port number.
  3. Tap or click the Add button to complete the process.

You should now see your newly added connection appear as a new title on the screen. It will be titled with the Friendly name you entered in step 2a above. The first time that you tap or click the tile for your connection, you will be prompted for your credentials. Once you enter them, your torrent listing will load and you are done! You are now able to view, control and add new torrents to your remote instance of the uTorrent desktop program.

Figure 1. The add server flyout.

If you encounter any issues, please feel free to visit the Help and Support page and post a comment!

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  1. Anonymous

    I am up to this step and do not know how to do it. What do I put as the port number?

    1. Hi! Sorry that this part is incomplete, it will be done soon. But you use the same port number that your uTorrent talks to other peers on.

      You can find this out by doing the following (in uTorrent):

      1. Click Options and then click Preferences.
      2. On the left select Connection.
      3. The value you want is in the box labeled Port used for incoming connections.

      Please post back if you have any further trouble!

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for the prompt reply. This is the same port number that I have used, but the connection times out. I have followed all the previous steps on enabling Web UI, creating a static I.P. and adding windows firewall exception.


        However, I am trying to use the uTorrent Client app to view the torrents in uTorrent that is installed on the same computer. I hope this makes sense, and would this still be able to work?

        1. With all things being equal this should work with out any trouble. You may try using as the IP address when adding the new connection if you are accessing on the same computer. In the meantime I will be testing this scenario to see if there is a global issue. For the record, what is the exact error you are getting?

          Additionally, did you by any chance specify an alternative listening port when turning on the Web UI? If so you will need to use that port number instead.

          I assume you paid for the app, so not to worry I will help you get this working soon enough (smile)

          Edit: OK just a quick update - I have tested the connection running uTorrent on the same PC and it does work (no timeouts). Please try to restart your computer and/or uTorrent and ensure the Randomize port each start option is not selected.

  2. Anonymous

    When turning on the Web UI, I have double checked that no alternative port is specified. I have restarted my computer and both uTorrent Client and Client App. Also, I have made sure Randomize port each start is unchecked.

    Using as the I.P. address produces the same error: HRESULT 0x8007274C (after timing out, trying to connect).

    1. Turns out there are restrictions in place on non-developer machines (i.e. normal users machines) - a Windows 8 app cannot talk to a local service on the local computer. The error code certified the fact that is your issue. I'm terribly sorry I didn't know of this before - I only just researched it.

      I have one thing extra you may be able to try. From an elevated command prompt (run as Administrator), copy and paste the command from the following text file:

      You also need to add an inbound explicit firewall rule for the TCP port your uTorrent listens on (same port you are using for the uTorrent Client app).

      If that fails to resolve the issue, I'm not entirely sure how to provide a refund (no facility from my Dashboard), but you may be able to contact Microsoft

      Please see this page: Workaround for connecting on the same computer

      1. Anonymous

        Well, what do you know, it works! Thanks for your continued support and help (smile)

        Lucky for me, I have a "better-than-average" knowledge of computers (wink)

        1. That's great news! You are in for a treat next update, which will be released as soon as Microsoft finishes certifying it (smile)

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, I'm confused about what the username and password would be once I have entered the port number and ip address. Can anybody help?

    1. Hello! The user name and password is whatever you chose after following the steps on this page: Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent

      You will be prompted to enter them once you connect to the server for the first time.

  4. Anonymous

    I just downloaded the uTorrent app for the Surface RT and I have no idea how to start using it because when I try to download a torrent, it doesn't go to the app and I don't know what to put into the start server options.

    1. Hi!

      As noted in the description on the Windows Store, this app is NOT a standalone torrent client. It is used to connect to the uTorrent desktop application so you can manage your torrents remotely. This is also noted on the first page of this guide: Getting Started

      Just to clarify, you cannot use this app to download torrents on your Surface RT. This app is to manage a remote instance of the actual uTorrent program. For example, you may have a computer running uTorrent and you may be in your lounge room away from that computer, but you are using your Surface RT. Perhaps you find a torrent you'd like to start downloading on your main computer running uTorrent - this app will allow you to do that.


  5. Anonymous

    Hey, I've followed all of the tutorials, enabled the Web UI ability, set up a static IP and made exceptions in my firewall, ran the command you specified above (With which I get an error) etc etc., and I'm still unable to connect.


    What can I do to fix this?

  6. Anonymous

    I'm the same poster as the post above --

    Just replaces "MichaelScidone" with my name, and got an "OK." prompt. The app still does not work, however.

    I have an inbound rule set up for uTorrent for my TCP port, the static IP set up and all else done – any other suggestions?


    Sigh (sad) 

    1. Hey there! (smile)

      Are you trying to use this app on the same machine uTorrent is installed? If not you do not need to run any extra commands. Additionally you can't remove or change my name from the package ID as this is what Windows uses to identify the app. This package ID is the same on every computer the app is installed on and has nothing to do with local user names. (wink)

      Can you please tell me the error messages you are getting, it will help a lot!

      Also I have just noticed that this website software seems to be mangling the CheckNetIsolation command when you copy + paste. So, if you are running it on the same PC, please download CheckNetIsolation.txt and copy + paste the command out of there. After that, the app should work without a problem!

  7. Anonymous


    So I ran the command just for fun, and the text from the .txt file worked fine, however I AM trying to run the program from the same machine, and so didn't need to, but just figured I'd confirm your suspicion haha.

    Anyways, here's my error message:

    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. (Exception from HRESULT:0x8007274D)

    Any help is appreciated, and thank you for your reply!




    1. Good to see you back - I just migrated this whole website to a new server, so hopefully it is a bit faster for everyone too.

      Anyway, back to you now!

      Just to be clear, the command IS necessary when running from the same machine (smile)

      Sounds like the command has been run properly, if not you'd be getting 0x8007274C.

      Your error is slightly different and it is telling me that the TCP port might not be open. You may try using as the IP address when setting up the connection in the app. Sorry about this, its a pain in the ass to get working on the same machine because of the Microsoft restrictions. Its also not a usage scenario I considered (seemed weird because if you wanted to manage your torrents on the same machine you'd just use... uTorrent... (tongue))

      Additionally please ensure that uTorrent is still running in the background (I'm sure it is, but for completeness I have to add that (smile))

      If none of these work, are you using Windows Firewall? If so, disable it completely and then try. If it works, then we know the firewall hasn't been configured correctly. If you are using a different firewall software, please turn it off and check again.

      Also, did you by any chance pick an Alternative listening port when setting up the uTorrent Web UI? If so, you'll need to use that as the port in the settings in the app instead.

      Let me know how it all goes! (I'll have a reply back to you tomorrow sometime, GMT+8 here, makes it 1AM (big grin))

  8. Anonymous


    Thank's for being so helpful! I'll be sure to now review the app now that it is working.

    The problem was the command – my firewall and all else was properly set up.


    So yeah-- my advice to future people who see this page who can't get their app working until Michael gets the set-up working:
    ^^^^ Go there first off -  that tells you everything you need to know if you're setting the app up on the same machine.


    If you're still screwed up, here's what I did! 


    1. Follow the UI set up step by step (
    2. Set up access on local network (
    3. If you're setting up on the same machine, and you're on Windows 8:

      WINDOWS + X -----> Command Prompt (Admin)
      Open this:

      Copy the entire command, and right click + paste into the window.
    4. Set up your TCP port in firewall or disable it entirely
      1. WINDOWS BUTTON + X ----> Control Panel
      2. Windows Firewall
      3. Advanced Settings
      4. Inbound rules (on the left)
      5. New Rule (on the right)
      6. Program
      7. Browse for uTorrent (C:/Program Files/uTorrent/uTorrent.exe)
      8. Allow Connection
      9. Check all 3 off
      10. Name it uTorrent port (type the port here)
      11. Finish
      12. Right click the rule you just made, select properties
      13. Protocols and ports tab
      14. Select TCP from the drop down list, 
      15. Under local and remote port, select specific port from the dropdown list, and type in the port you're using
      16. Save it

    The above is what I did, and it worked. Not entirely sure if I even did it right, but maybe it'll work for you. Listen to Michael before you listen to me though. I figured I'd just let everyone know what I did to get'r'done, so this guy doesn't get swarmed with questions!

    The app is great so far, Cheers!!!


    1. No problem on the support - you paid for the app, can't leave you in the dark (wink)

      Anyway thanks for all of that too, I'll link your comment on the workaround page!

      Good to hear it is now working, happy torrenting!

    2. Anonymous

      brilliant, nick. proper instructions. its working now...


  9. Anonymous

    am I able to wach my torrets straight from my tablet?


    1. Hi!

      Unfortunately not (sad) there is a streaming feature with the uTorrent Web API, however the file size is severely limited and so this isn't supported.

      If I find another way to do it, I will certainly add the feature to the app!

      1. Anonymous

        thank you very much for your quick response. how do you think I should watch my torrents on my windows RT tablet?


        1. You're welcome (smile)

          You can use the app mobile.HD Media Player.

  10. Anonymous

    how do I do this?

  11. Anonymous

    can u tell me that what is the friendly name for the app

    1. "In the first box, type a Friendly name of your choice - this is the name that will appear on the main screen for this new connection."

  12. Anonymous

    PLease help I'm having an error everytime.  No connect could be made because target machine actively refused it. Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007274d

    I'm so lost!! I followed all instructions to a T. I've got the utorrent on my computer and the client app on my surface. Please help!


    1. Hi! (smile)

      Have you made sure the TCP port is open on the firewall on your computer running uTorrent? Also, are you 100% sure you are using the correct port when adding the connection to the app?

      Please make sure the Web UI is configured correctly and that "Alternative listening port" is not checked - or if its, ensure that you use that port when adding the connection to the app.

  13. Anonymous

    Hi, I bought this app and having same problem to "adding server" can you explain step by step how I can add server and use it . Thank you

    1. Hi!

      What have you done so far?

      This whole documentation contains instructions step by step for you to set everything up. Please let me know if any of these aren't clear.

      If you haven't yet, please start here: Getting Started


  14. Anonymous

    Hi, the text archieve contais a compiled text. The follow text was copied from file:

    ‹      sÎHMÎöK-ñ,ÎÏI,ÉÌÏÓK­HUðÉÏ/HJLÎv­HÍ-(QÐMTÐͳ54751ðÍLÎHLÍ NÎLÉÏKÕ+ É/*JÍ+qÎÉ’ñå•Å¹å%fI "Êìõ[  

    With this text i cannot aplly the changes. How do i proceed??

  15. Anonymous

    Hi, I can not find the 'Port' for my Microsoft Surface, there is no options etc button in my utorrent app.
    How else can I find my port?
    Also is there a difference between the  7 day trial and bought app?
    Thank you

  16. Anonymous

    Bonjour jai microsoft surface et jutilise utorrent sur mon vrai ordinateur portable et jai acheter laplication sur ma surface mais je ne comprend pas sa marque toujours something went wrong connecting to the serveur


  17. Anonymous

    I downloaded a torrent to use office 365. I downloaded it on my mac but need to use it on my new surface. I setup the utorrent app on the surface and connected over the network to see what is being downloaded on my utorrent desktop program (my mac) and can see the download on my surface but how do I now open it and run the downloaded torrent on the surface?


    1. Hi,

      This app is not designed for that, it is only to see and control what is being downloaded on uTorrent running on another computer. This is outlined in numerous places on the Store description, and on this website.

  18. Anonymous

    Michael, I purchased a Utorrent plus account in hopes that I could begin promptly, however when I tried to open it I was faced with a message tell me I must purchase it from the app store. So once again I downloaded this app in hopes of fixing that problem, yet as its been said this app is not designed for that. That's my mistake so what app must I download now so that I might run the utorrent that I downloaded.  Please help!  Too many apps to choose from.  I'll be grateful for any information you can give me. Thanks\


    Bored in Afghanistan


    1. Hi!

      Sorry support is only here for any issues on this specific app, I can't really help you there.


  19. For support, please e-mail me. Comments have been disabled due to a sudden flow of spam.