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  1. Anonymous

    tried everything im at a dead end.. ahhhhhhhh!!!

    cool app.. wish i could use it, would buy it if i could

    1. Hi!

      Please describe the issue you are having with detail and I'll be happy to help you out. (This includes all error messages you have received, and steps you have followed already).

      If you haven't worked through setting things up, please start here: Getting Started.


  2. Anonymous

    400 bad request error. works fine.

    1. Did you mean perhaps (smile)

      Anyway works by proxying data from your uTorrent across to the servers that handle the uTorrent remote web site - this is not the same as direct communication with the Web UI, and thus we can't compare the two for the sake of the problem you are having.

      400 (Bad Request) occurs when the Web UI has not been enabled correctly - please note this is not the same as turning on the uTorrent remote. You can enable both the Web UI and uTorrent Remote at the same time. Please follow this page: Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent - it will help you to turn on the uTorrent Web UI feature which is a requirement for using this app.


    2. Anonymous

      I too got this error. The thing that mistakenly did is that I did not have the 'Enable Web UI' enabled in the uTorrent client. Then I also had an issue by having an incorrect value setup in 'allow access only from these IPs'. once I remedied both of those (and supplied the correct credentials) it worked successfully

      1. Thank you for this information about the "allow access only from these IPs" - I am going to add this information to the relevant page!

        Hope you are enjoying the app!



  3. Anonymous

    Thank, it worked perfectly for me


  4. Anonymous

    could you explain how I can get port address to complete? gating the error every times frustrating....


    1. Hi!

      What error are you getting? What have you set up so far?

      Please start here if you haven't already: Getting Started

      1. Anonymous

        Michael, I bought the app having problem figuring out the port Number. Got my IP address . could you help ? 

        1. Of course (smile) Just so we're clear, you know that this app is to connect to uTorrent and not a standalone downloader, right?

          If so then everything you need to know is here Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent, here Setting up for access on a local network and here Adding a connection to the uTorrent Client app.

          Please follow those in order. You set the port in link 1, configure your IP address (which you've already done by the sounds of it) + firewall in link 2, and then add the connection in link 3. The last link will help you get the information you need (i.e. the port).

          1. Anonymous

            That is exactly the info that I needed but I got this new computer and I don't know where to go to on my computer to open utorrent main page to start following these steps.


  5. Anonymous

    Can someone please help me! I downloaded this app thinking it would work but an error pops up when I hit install. It says error code 0x80200002e, what do I do to fix the problem?

  6. Anonymous

    Forgot my user name aaaahhhhrrrrrggggg!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi, I can't connect because it says "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.(Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007274D)" What does that mean?
  8. Anonymous

    whats a port I need to put that in

  9. Anonymous

    Hey There,

    I Downloaded the utorrent app on Windows 8 and the problem is that im not able to ADD SERVER to it, i tried alot but im not getting through. I inserted my IP Address n Port no. correctly but its still not getting connected n showing a error.

    Please help me with this.

    Thank You.

  10. Anonymous

    I have the web ui turned on on my desktop. but when I connect through the client from my surfacepro it says "404: page not found". If i try to connect using the ip/port combination from chrome, it says access violation. Any idea what to try next?

  11. Anonymous

    How can download movies becaz I m trying to download since Morning .



  12. Anonymous

    I use to get a 403 error, so I thought I'd try using a proxy. But now I get this error "Error contacting WebUI proxy service: Proxy connect error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

    Is there any way to fix this?

  13. Anonymous

    I get " Something went wrong connecting to the server"

    Also, "A connection attempt failed because connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or connection failed because host has 

    failed to respond [exception from HRESULT:0x800727C]"

    Please help me

  14. Anonymous

    help I already downloaded the app and I already have my port number and my name and my host but when I tried to click my server it says a connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time. I don't know how to turn on the Web UI in uTorrent. Please help I am hooked up to wifi. This is Ernie

  15. Anonymous

    I'm running uTorrent as a Windows Service (as per
    However, I can't connect to it via uTorrent remote. Any ideas why?

    Utorrent and the Web UI are both working fine. It's just that I can't connect to it with the remote app. 
    The remote app works fine if uTorrent is running as an application instead of a service..

    1. Hi!


      Error messages/codes would be helpful.


  16. For support, please e-mail me. Comments have been disabled due to a sudden flow of spam.