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What is the Windows Store uTorrent Client app?

The Torrent Remote app for the Windows Store allows you to connect remotely to any computer running the uTorrent program.
For more information about uTorrent, see here:


The Torrent Remote app is not a standalone torrent downloader/torrent client. Its sole purpose is to connect to and manage a remote instance of uTorrent. Because of this, we would kindly ask that you do not leave negative feedback or low app ratings on the Windows Store page if you mistakenly thought that this app is a standalone torrent client (i.e. please read the description of this app on its Windows Store page).


The Torrent Remote app is compatible only with the Microsoft Windows version of the uTorrent desktop program and thus the guides in this documentation refer to setting up on a Microsoft Windows computer only.


If you are completely sure and familiar with the set up and usage of the uTorrent Web UI, or you already have it successfully configured, you do not need to follow any information in this documentation. However it is here for your reference should you run into any troubling circumstances using the Torrent Remote app with the uTorrent Web UI.

What can I do with it?

When connected remotely with the Torrent Remote app, you are able to view all of your torrent jobs that are running on the remote computer. It is possible to view jobs by their label or status (downloaded, completed, etc). Each job in the list has the capability to be controlled - i.e. you are able to start, stop, pause, and remove torrent jobs using the Torrent Remote app. You can also add brand new torrent jobs from either a .torrent file on your local computer, or a torrent file URL or magnet link.

Any of these actions will occur at the remote end - meaning you can use the Torrent Remote app like it were a remote control for your computer running the uTorrent program.

What does this mean for me?

In order for all of this functionality to work, the uTorrent program provides a feature called the Web UI. This is a small web service/API which allows third-parties to connect to it over the Internet (or on a local network, too!)

Unfortunately, however it does require a little bit of setting up from you, the end user. But that's not to worry, it isn't hard at all! Just follow the links below to get started setting up your Web UI connection so you can use it with the Torrent Remote app for the Windows Store!


The pages (and also the links to them above) on the left sidebar under Getting Started are listed in the order that you should read and perform the steps inside them, which should make it easier to kick start using your new app!
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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Michael, Im Blake I asked you a question yesterday. I went to the page you told me to go to and it still doesnt make sense to me so can you like maybe tell me how to make a sever? I'm sorry if this hard on you I like the uTorrent so I want to use it.. I have only 6 days left so it might help me if you replay to me quick! It will mean a lot to me! -Blake

  2. Anonymous

    hi where do i find my ip address


  3. Anonymous

    hello, I am trying to add a server to the app but I do not know the port number or how to find it or the host/ ip address. also if I download something will it show up in this torrent app? thank you 

  4. Anonymous

    soy nuevo utilizando este tipo de gestor de descarga . solo quiero dar las gracias por el progama y hacer el  siguiente apunte y es que el progra y todas sus espesificaciones estan en idioma Ingles y en mi caso solo ablo español . por lo que  en berdad no entiendo ni papa de todo lo que al rededor de el mismo se escrive.


  5. Anonymous

    I hope it will be as good as the stand alone

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