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Please feel free to post a comment here on this page if you are having an issue with the Torrent Remote app. This page is monitored closely and all legit posts will be answered as soon as possible!


If you are having trouble connecting to your uTorrent program from the Torrent Remote app (i.e. connection issues), or are unsure how to configure anything, ensure to visit the Getting Started portal, and also see the Connection problems page.


Do not post bug reports here. Instead see the Where to report a bug page. Just to be clear please do not post bug reports here!


If you are more attentive to big red warning thingies rather than a general, nice note and are thinking of posting a bug report here...

...Do not post bug reports here. Instead see the Where to report a bug page. Just to be clear please do not post bug reports here!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have purchased this app on my Microsoft Surface and payed with my Mastercard Debit card today, the money has been taken from my account but I have not received the app. Please let me know what can be done.

    1. Hi!

      I have removed your e-mail address for your protection, but have made a note of it and will respond to you via that e-mail (smile)

  2. Anonymous

    How do I download torrent files from tpb using this on surface?


    1. Hi!

      This isn't a standalone torrent client if that's what you are after. It lets you manage a remote instance of the actual uTorrent program. This is duly noted on the app description, and on this website.

      Otherwise, if you are asking how to add torrent files from TPB - you can copy and paste a magnet link from there (swipe from the bottom to bring up the app bar and then tab on Add from URL)


  3. Anonymous

    Woops then. Money wasted. I should learn to read...

    1. Anonymous

      me too :/ 

  4. Anonymous

    I have done everything in the steps but as soon as I open the server that I created it says"Somethign went wrong connecting to the server. No connectiomn could b made as target server actively refused it HRESULT: 0x8007274D

    1. Hi!

      If you are trying to use it on the same computer as uTorrent is installed:

      Please follow this: Workaround for connecting on the same computer

      And then see this user-posted comment: Re: Adding a connection to the uTorrent Client app

      If you are NOT trying to use it on the same computer as uTorrent is installed, can you make sure that uTorrent is running in the background and that you are using the correct port when setting up the server in the app.


  5. Anonymous


    short n sweet....I cannot install utorrent on my computer according to what you've written. I have utorrent on two other pc's, nary a problem. But this time, I pay $1.99 and I"m confronted with instructions & terminology I cant deal  with.

    And why am I suddenly paying for this...certainly, thus far, there is no benefit.

    I suggest  that you do an do an installation short video, Then,perhaps, you will start to receive so positive & good comments.

    I couldnt even sign up for this site, so I must remain anonymous.

    I would prefer that I  receicve detailed instructions to my email, before I approach MIcrosoft.

    thank you for your help,

    email address removed



    1. Problem solved via e-mail (smile) Thanks for your cooperation!

  6. Anonymous

    hello, I just bought the utorrent app on my surface tablet, and I am trying to turn on the web UI, but it keeps saying to open up utorrent and then open up options and I could find it in there, but I can not find the option anywhere on the utorrent app, please let me know what I should do. thanks

    1. Hi!

      The options for the Web UI are on the uTorrent program, not on this app you purchased (smile)

  7. Anonymous

    How do I get to the utorrent program, were would I find the program, sorry I am new to this, I downloaded the utorrent app, but that is all I did so far,. Please let me know were I could find the program. Thanks


    1. Make sure you've downloaded and installed uTorrent:

      Note that this app isn't to download torrents to your device - it is used to connect to uTorrent running on another computer and manage the torrents running there. This is vigorously outlined on the description page on the Windows Store for this app, on this website, and during the welcome tutorial when you first launch the app.


  8. Anonymous

    Hi, I can not connect my app utorrent with the surface of the utorrent desktop. I did the upgrade procedures of programas.netframework, run the command in cmd, I received the result OK, but I could not run, put the port on the server that is on utorrent, and the ip, he asked username and password, tried the my laptop username and password, my e-mail and remote utorrent. None made it work, the errors are 404, and sometimes 0x8007274D. Thanks for your help. sorry the down english, i'm brazillian.

    1. Hi!

      Let's get this right (smile) You have a Surface tablet, and another computer running uTorrent? If that's the case you need to follow this page: Setting up for access on a local network. The steps on that page need to be done on the computer running uTorrent.

      There's no need for you to follow the steps on this page: Workaround for connecting on the same computer

      1. Anonymous

        No, i have a w8 pc, and i have the utorrent desktop on the desktop, and have the utorrent app on w8 pc surface.

        1. Great (smile) Then all you need to do is follow this page: Setting up for access on a local network

          Those steps apply to the Win 8 PC (desktop).

          You don't need to run any commands on your Surface tablet. Also, the IP address is not correct for your scenario. Follow the page I linked, and then when you're done, follow this page: Adding a connection to the uTorrent Client app which will help you add the connection on your tablet.


      2. Anonymous

        Ok, so I have surface, and another computer running uTorent program

        I got the local network working but how do I set it up via internet?

  9. Anonymous

    Could you add a live tile so that it reports that torrent download is finished. This would be very useful, pleese?

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for your feedback - I'm  hoping to implement this soon.

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you for your response.

    If i buy the app now, will the future updates be free?

    I am wondering about that becouse if not, i will wait for that live tile.

    Continue the good work, the app is exelent.

    1. Yes, all updates are free (smile) This is the case for all apps on the Windows Store, unless apps use in-app purchases for additional features (which, this one does not).

  11. Anonymous

    Great app!

    One missing thing is that it doesn't register as a .torrent files program, so you can't load torrents straight from the browser (you have to save and open from the app, or copy/paste the address).

    Also, since torrents are supposed to be free, how about an ad-supported free version? Of course I apreciate the hard work put into this app, it well deserves it's price - just an idea (wink)

    1. Hi! Thanks for your feedback (smile) 

      Because the app supports more than one uTorrent server, I have not found a user friendly way to associate it with .torrent files (i.e. which server should the .torrent file go to?). I have some ideas, so you can probably expect this feature soon enough!

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Michael,

    I'm the guy that posted the bug about the remote access being broken.  I forgot that I hadn't provided an email address when generating the bug to receive a email response.

    The problem was resolved, though it was strange.  I changed the ports to listen (in uTorrent, App and Router), but it still didn't work.  I then changed them a third time, and when I clicked on the app, all of the connections worked immediately.  As in, it didn't even request a password, since it was saved from my previous entry.  Anywho, thanks for the reply!  Lovin' the easy access to torrent activity.

    1. That's great news! (smile)

  13. Anonymous

    Bought the app. Exellent work. Looking faward to the live tile feature to indicate when the torrent is finished. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks for the feedback (smile)

  14. Anonymous

    hi, how I can get port to fill in?

  15. Anonymous

    i was hoping to make this app the default handler for magnets and torrents - automatically adding them on the connected server (or asking the user which server they prefer if multiple servers exist). is this or something similar a planned feature?

    1. Hi!

      Yes this is a planned feature (smile)

      1. Anonymous

        great news! any hints on a potential release date? (smile)

        1. No date that is fixed, but should be soon hopefully!

          1. Anonymous

            i'll def keep an eye out - keep up the great work! btw, you have incredible patience with the newbs - i think i would lose it

            1. Thanks! Well it's a paid for app so I can't lose it (tongue)

  16. Anonymous

    Hi, I installed the app but I can not figure out what to do when I need to choose the server! What should I put exactly and where do I find this information? I'm sorry but I do not speak English well. Can you give me the exact data to be filled in? thanks

  17. Anonymous

    Hi Michael, can we expect an update to automatically catch magnet links from the browser? Its a bit of a pain to copy and paste it every time. Thanks!

    1. Hi!

      Yes this feature has been planned (smile)

      1. Anonymous

        great, thanks!

  18. Anonymous

    Hey I just wanted to say I'm having a proplem with the uTorrent I don't know how to make a sever and I have a 7 day trial so can please replay as fast as you can It will mean a lot please!

    -Blake (p.s sorry I don't have an account)

  19. Anonymous

    Hey Michael, Im Blake I asked you a question yesterday. I went to the page you told me to go to and it still doesnt make sense to me so can you like maybe tell me how to make a sever? I'm sorry if this hard on you I like the uTorrent so I want to use it.. I have only 6 days left so it might help me if you replay to me quick! It will mean a lot to me!

    1. Anonymous

      Yea! Im having the same proplem Blake so Michael can u help us out? -ManWhoIsAnonymous

  20. Anonymous

    hi I am trying to creat a account for this app I put in my ip number but i dont know what is a port, i need help asp. gshes

    1. Anonymous

      Sorry my name is toya 

      1. Please follow this in order:

        Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent

        Setting up for access on a local network

        Adding a connection to the uTorrent Client app


        The uTorrent Client app is not a standalone torrent downloader/torrent client. Its sole purpose is to connect to and manage a remote instance of uTorrent. Because of this, we would kindly ask that you do not leave negative feedback or low app ratings on the Windows Store page External Link if you mistakenly thought that this app is a standalone torrent client (i.e. please read the description of this app on its Windows Store page External Link).

  21. Anonymous

    im using a hp windows 8 computer and i downloaded the utorrent app but i cant get to download the other torrent from the web, because wen ever i try to dowload it from the web page it keep taking me back to the app on my computer, but i can not create a server. I  made a user name and i put in my ip address but i dont know what's a port... i need some help please.

    1. If you're trying to use uTorrent Remote it doesn't work with this. Please follow the below IN ORDER:


      Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent

      Setting up for access on a local network

      Adding a connection to the uTorrent Client app

  22. Anonymous

    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.... what does this mean and how can I fix it?

  23. Anonymous

    Not sure where to post feature requests- Don't want to mess up the project tracking pages and can't find a forum. Any chance of allowing us to set a default server so that opening magnet links / *.torrent files doesn't need to prompt? Or at least have it default to the only server if only one exists. I only have it connected to one server and it seems pointless having to select that one server each time I open a file or link. Just a thought. (smile)

  24. Anonymous

    Another suggestion. I know this one goes a bit against the Metro design principals but any chance of offering a smaller font / item size? I use the app in a Stardock ModernMix window on a large display desktop system and would love to see more at once while keeping the appealing design and layout. I love the icons, features, and information displayed, but would simply like more of it there at once. I'm not saying change the app for all, but a little option under the settings charm for a smaller font / icon size would be great.

  25. Anonymous me.. my lappy is window8 version..which version of torrent..shud i download











  26. Anonymous

    Couple of things I'd love to see. Multiple item select. Also keyboard shortcuts here too (i.e. ctrl +a). Also when selecting the last-most torrent the app bar covers it quite a bit. Perhaps some padding at the bottom of the torrent list?

  27. Anonymous

    This ap was already on my new computer. I purchased something from the windows store and apparently it saved my Visa card. I opened the utorrent ap just to see how it runs and was charged for it... I didn't even want it. How do I get a refund?

  28. Anonymous

    hi im toya can i get some help on how to creat a sever, im using a windows 8 computer and i downloaded the utorrent client and i need some help please. 

  29. Anonymous

    i'm not exactly sure how to add server.  what does this even mean, and why do I have to have this app in the first place?  on my other computers I was able to download utorrent without any additional software.  what gives?

  30. Anonymous

    well...ain't this a fine kettle of fish....have used utorrent for years with no issues, now I need to get a new PC and the dang thing has this unuser friendly Win8 and I have to pay for utorrent all for not cause there are no instructions unless you are a computer wizard...which I for one am clue at all what add a server means let alone what a port is........instructions would be good laymans terms....not coputer wizard terms


  31. Anonymous


    I'm using the trial version of u Torrent but it asks for a user name and password. What should I do?

  32. Anonymous


    My device uses the 1920x1080 screen resolution and the app's live tile, splash screen and the back button in snapped mode (and maybe something else, I haven't used the app much yet) don't look OK. Please optimize the app's graphics for higher resolution screens.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Anonymous

      I'm sorry if it's the wrong place, but I'm not sure if this can be called a bug.


  33. Anonymous

    Looks like unfortunately that support is stopped, but if you do see this, could you please direct me to where I need to go as I'm sure you have a tutorial on the site.  I'm using a Windows 8 tablet which runs the app and the desktop app is on a windows 7 computer, all works perfectly because I followed the instructions unlike half of the above. My problem is that I sometimes want to download directly to the tablet but don't know how to do this as it automatically opens the app now. Is there a way to open torrents using the desktop app only? As I would prefer to use it rather than the app. Or is the only way to create a new server? If so, how do I do this?

    Please help cause I'm gonna have to uninstall the app if you don't, as I download things to the directly a lot. 

    Email is [email protected] 

    1. Anonymous

      Got it to work almost straight away after posting this haha, thanks anyway mate 5 star app! (smile)

  34. Anonymous

    sthi I have setup everything that you have mentioned but somehow now my torrents isn't downloading anymore....


  35. Anonymous

    I don't understand what the purpose of this app is , I downloaded movies to my u torrent on my pc and it automatically transported to my surface. That's great but am I supposed to be able to watch the movies on my surface? Because I can't.. how do I do that? Thank youu







  36. Anonymous

    Hi! The first time have downloaded utorrent to new computer (with Windows 8). Now, when I start download movie from website it asks me to write down IP adress and Port - where can I find this Port and IP adress (sorry, but can't get through the Windows 8)? Thanks in advance! (smile) 

  37. Anonymous

    Hi! The app asked me to add a server How do I do that

  38. Anonymous

    its asking me to add server

    what should i do? im using 8.1 windows

  39. For support, please e-mail me. Comments have been disabled due to a sudden flow of spam.