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The project tracking page for the Torrent Remote app is located at the following URL:

You can submit a new bug report by clicking the Create issue button at the top right, or clicking here. Please make sure that the uTorrent Client (Windows Store) project is selected.


Please make sure you search for your bug before submitting it - someone else may have already reported it!
You can do that by clicking here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, seems scrolling doesn't work when the program is in 'partial app mode'. Tested on two computers.

    Computer one: uTorrent client to the left (small), desktop (large) to the right. 2560x1440. Madcatz MMO7 (which I wouldn't be surprised if it uses some sort of hacky scrolling). I use the application AlwaysScrollWheel, which changes sends scroll commands to the window your cursor is hovering over rather than the window that has focus (seems to work on Metro just the same as legacy). Having the two applications swapped makes no difference. Microsoft Email application does not have this problem.

    Computer two: uTorrent client to the left (small), email to the right, desktop on second monitor fullscreen. 1920x1080 x2. Roccat Kone. Does not use AlwaysScrollWheel. Same issue, however, here the MS provided email application only accepts scroll once it receives focus with a click (as is to be expected.)

    This should be a high priority issue, as it prevents me from purchasing after having tried it. Also scrolling doesn't work.


    On a side note, I recommend making the application compatible with BitTorrent. I realize it says it only works with µTorrent, but it would hardly increase the scope, but would increase the audience. Very nice looking application; Good job. Some theming options would be nice though.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh crap. Well, delete that comment. Ima... report an actual bug now.

  3. For support, please e-mail me. Comments have been disabled due to a sudden flow of spam.