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Due to limitations put in place by Microsoft in the Windows Runtime, Windows Store apps by default are unable to connect to a local network service over IP. This is referred to as network isolation and you can view more information about it here: How to enable loopback and troubleshoot network isolation (Windows Store apps) (Windows)


Follow this information at your own risk. As this configuration is not supported by Microsoft and the Windows Runtime for production use, it is not supported officially by the Torrent Remote app either. There will be no support available for this configuration if you choose to use it. You are liable and one hundred percent responsible for any and all damages that may occur from following the below steps. By continuing to follow and execute the below steps on this page, you are implicitly assuming all responsibility and liability, as aforementioned.

Why do I need this information?

Although officially unsupported by the Torrent Remote app, you need this information if you want to connect to the uTorrent desktop program that is running on the same computer that you have installed the Torrent Remote app. This information will help you to configure your computer so that it can escape the network isolation restriction and communicate with the local uTorrent desktop program.

If you are receiving the error HRESULT 0x8007274C then this page applies to your situation.


This entire page does not apply if you are not trying to connect to the uTorrent desktop program on the same computer that you have installed the Torrent Remote app.

Removing the restriction

You can follow the below steps to remove the network isolation restriction for the Torrent Remote app, which will allow you to connect to the uTorrent desktop program on the same computer. As already mentioned, this configuration is not support officially so, execute the below at your own risk.

  1. Open an elevated Command prompt (Run as administrator).
  2. Download the following text file: CheckNetIsolation.txt
  3. Copy and paste the single line from the text file into the command prompt window and press Enter.
  4. The command should display an "OK" result. Once this is done, exit the command prompt.

After following the above steps, try to launch the app and connect to the server again - you should be successful.


The above steps remove the restriction for the Torrent Remote app only. It does not affect other apps.


If there are any other problems, you may wish to see the following user comment: RE: Adding a connection to the uTorrent Client app

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  1. Anonymous

    CheckNetIsolation.txt provided has some weird encoding or something. I can't read the line!

    Please could you provide an ascii-encoded text file or just paste the command line here.



  2. Hi!

    It is ASCII encoded, so not too sure what is going on there. You can try to save the file instead of viewing it in your browser.

    Otherwise, here's the command line (I put it in a text file because this website software was mangling the command when I posted it on the page, but here it is anyway):

    CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt -a -n=17540MichaelScidone.uTorrentClient_8wyshmwpt86bp


  3. Anonymous

    How do you even open a command prompt - im not a tech wizard so...

    1. Hi!

      Open the Start Screen and begin typing "cmd" (no quotes).

      Then right click on it and select "Run as administrator" from down the bottom!


  4. Anonymous

    when I do this, it says CheckNetIsolation.exe is not regonized as an internal of external command, operable program or batch file. How do I fix this?

    1. What version of Windows 8 are you running?

      Please open Start, and type "winver" and press Enter.

    2. Anonymous

      If you are using windows 8
      Go to C:>Windows>System32>cmd.exe (Run as administrator) 
      I Hope it helps. (smile) 

  5. Anonymous

    I really dont know. I got a microsoft surface so whatever version is running on that

    1. You don't need to follow these steps for the Microsoft Surface (smile) (Because you can't run the actual uTorrent desktop program on the Microsoft Surface, and so these steps do not apply).

      This app is used to connect to the uTorrent program running on another computer - it acts as a remote to control your torrents remotely.

      As noted on this website, and on the app description on the Windows Store, this app is not a standalone torrent client - i.e. you cannot use it to download torrents directly to your device.

  6. Anonymous

    I have payed this app and it works great. I use it on the same computer, and this workaround does what it has to.

    I am not a computer expert, but i am wondering, can I adapt this command line and use it to get a workaround for other apps, or only XMBC.

    My movie database is on desktop XMBC, but i cant use a metro style remote on start screen because both are on the same computer.

    Thank you.

    1. Possibly - I'm not sure how they work though, so I can't really help too much, sorry!

  7. Anonymous

    Did what you said, it said Ok, app still doesnt work (sad)

    1. Please tell me the error message you are receiving (smile)

  8. Anonymous

    am i still getting the same error after i get the "ok"

  9. Anonymous

    im also receiving this message after my computer accepted the command line im on windows 8 version 6.8

  10. Anonymous

    I have bought the surface tablet and bought and downloaded the U torrent but I don't have a clue how to get it working, if it will work at all. Can you help!!?

  11. For support, please e-mail me. Comments have been disabled due to a sudden flow of spam.