You must follow the local network access set up page (Setting up for access on a local network) before setting up access from the Internet.
Running the uTorrent Web UI from a computer that is using a non-fixed Internet connection (e.g. 3G USB devices, Sierra Wireless, other mobile based Internet, etc) is not supported on a local network, nor is it supported over the Internet. Normal WiFi (802.11) that connects back to a fixed (e.g. fiber, DSL or cable) Internet connection will work without any trouble. If you do not have a fixed Internet connection on the computer the uTorrent desktop program is running, you cannot use the Web UI, and thus you cannot use this .

Connecting to your uTorrent with the over the Internet is a little bit more involved than only accessing it from a local area network (LAN), however the following two pages will help you to configure your devices for Internet access.